Thursday, April 30, 2009

$250 government stimulus checks going to 50 million retirees in May

$250 government stimulus checks going to 50 million retirees in May-

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More than 50 million retirees can expect to receive $250 payments from the government in the next few weeks as their share of the economic stimulus package enacted in February.

Economists say the payments will be a timely boost just as the recession is showing signs of easing a little.

The payments are part of the $787 billion package of spending and tax cuts enacted in February to help boost the economy. They will go to people who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, railroad retirement or veteran's disability benefits.

Mary Glenn-Croft, deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration, told a congressional panel Tuesday that the payments are intended to inject more than $13 billion into the economy while helping beneficiaries of the four programs meet everyday living expenses.

The payments are meant for people who did not qualify for the new "Making Work Pay" tax credit that provides up to $400 to individuals and $800 to couples. Taxpayers who would otherwise qualify for both will have the $250 payments deducted from their tax credits.

The tax credits started flowing to most workers in weekly paychecks this month. The $250 payments will be delivered in May, Glenn-Croft said.

The effect on the economy should be known in the next few months, said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's

"We are at the moment of truth for the tax cuts and probably the stimulus more broadly," Zandi said. "If we don't see an improvement in retailing and if the job cutting doesn't abate in response this summer and fall ... it either hasn't worked or it wasn't enough."

The U.S. economy has shed more than 5 million jobs since the recession began, and unemployment remains high in most of the country, but there are signs that investors, shoppers and home buyers are less jittery.

Zandi said the economy is still in decline. But, he added, "The rate of decline is slowing; the free fall is over."

The goal of the stimulus package is to get people to spend money at a time when most are reducing spending and saving more. It makes sense to be frugal when the economy is in such bad shape, but it hurts the economy when everyone does it.

The extra Social Security payments should boost spending because retirees on fixed incomes are more likely to spend them than workers earning more money, said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial.

"The people who live closer to paycheck-to-paycheck are more likely to spend it," Swonk said.

The payments are also expected to provide relief to many struggling seniors. Glenn-Croft said the bad economy -- coupled with aging baby boomers nearing retirement age -- has more Americans applying for Social Security and disability benefits.

The agency expects retirement claims to increase by 300,000, or 9 percent, this year, Glenn-Croft said. The agency expects disability claims to increase by 30,000, or 12 percent, she said.

Swonk said some aging baby boomers are being forced into early retirement through layoffs and they are using Social Security benefits as an "alternative form of unemployment insurance."

"You're 62, you're eligible, you just lost your job," Swonk said. "It's better to get something than nothing."

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100 days

Many news networks marked this day on their calender and celebrated the day when the anointed one made it to 100 days or terror! Obama,yes the messiah for brain dead liberals, has spent ssooooo much in just 100 days what kinda president,other than a french one, would spend that much? Well because everybody is partying over the 100th day im going to keep it short soo see yah next time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures from VT tea party

As You See

The site name and address has been changed because of the political time,its not election season, and will probably remain this way. Spread the new site name, because of the site name change there was a drop in viewership.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Beckoning

As we go about our daily lives we might never stop and think"Im free" no we take advantage of the fact that we are not being persecuted for religion, race, or what we write no because we are free. Even if we think that, we never think who gave us those freedoms! We see our problems in our life and we almost never see to it to solve it, or we ask the government to solve it. Solving many problems is not a political thing and especially not a government thing. It is a moral thing that can solve many of the problems we face in our nations cities such as: drugs,prostitution, and gangs. Our nation was created with the understanding that people would "do the right thing" not because they were compelled by law or force but by conscience. When the government gets out of control and think that they should tell you what you should eat, drink, read, and who you pray to, then it is classified as something called tyranny. Tyranny can be classified as: communism, socialism, tolitalisim, and,fascism. It is when the government thinks they are doing something for your better good or the better good of the nation. But the way to get to this better way is to suppress your rights and liberties. The statist believe that this suppressing of your right is ok, because your helping the little guy. They also believe that a little class warfare is ok. Hurting the big guy because they take advantage the little guy, just to further their gain. The poor and the rich alike have to make important moral choices in their life such as: a poor person can become a drug dealer and like-wise a rich person can become a drug dealer. Its choices that lead him to a certain path. Many poor people become rich and who are we to punish their success? How can we as a country selectively tax people more than another group? These misdeeds are nothing other that a government turning into tyranny. It is a government that thinks it can solve moral problems with political ones. We cant stop someone from doing something morally wrong with a right or left solution you can't lower taxes to solve drug problem and we cant stop it with higher taxes its not a right or left solution but a vertical one. And if moral problems cant be fixed with political ones then it has to be a religious or spiritual one. The statist believe that the government can solve or problem, instead of individual ingenuity. They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men. The statist has turned our country from speaking softly and walking with a big stick to appeal to others and disarm. When you have a government telling you what is right or wrong instead of normal common sense and reading the Bible, then you have a way of life that is suppressed. You know you are on your way to tyranny when a government thinks that the life of a terrorist, or a criminal is deserving rights, or even more rights than a baby child, who die daily.The government thinks its beckoned to tax and we think we are beckoned to pay. Well the beckoning on big government to our nation must stop. The conservative movement is not a political movement but a moral one, it is telling the government they have gone to far. I know leave you off with this quote from Ronald Reagen: "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."