Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time of thanks

This is the time,duh thanksgiving, when you give thanx to the Lord. For 1:being born into a country of opportunity, a country where you CAN be anything and BECOME ANYTHING you please!!!!! This is the Land of opportunity. where you have the freedom of religion, Not to mention in the USA you have soo many freedoms if you are born here you are better off than anybody else in the entire world,well that's what i believe.2. be thankful to the Lord for just living3.give thanks for having food,shelter,and family!! our youth,that's me!!!!, have soo much to be thankful for and unfortunately most of our youth is ungrateful!!! The youth, still me!!!!,don't know how good they have it!! Im not saying i don't ever get ungrateful but really we have no idea how good we have it!! This country was and is blessed by God. This country was founded on judo-Christan values. But now we are drifting from our former values!! We built,invented,achieved,colonized,and explored.We did all these Superior to other nations because of our belief in God! We need to come back to these beliefs if we want to become superior again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soo who wants some money?

Why is it that liberals think of the government as the salvation army? I guess we are the I owe you bank!! I mean if i had a dollar for every company that said they were suffering i would have the amount we gave to the banks! The reason the "big three" are not getting anywhere in this country is because of A:Unions B: Bad planning. they simply cant get a loan at any bank,which is weird since we gave them bundles of bail out money, because of bad planning the bank know they cant pay it off and that they will be back in a month!!! The Unions have put a unneeded strain on the U.S car companies, they demand way too much it,all most as much as Rosie O'Donald's demand for Twinkies!, cost too much to take care of their workers compared to the foreign companies that have to use less money. GM tears though millions a month,maybe closer to billions!!!, unlike an other car company because of Unions!! I get the reason of Unions, i guess you want the workers treated fairly, but now its gone out of control.
If we give the car companies a bail out why not the retail business?? Everybody is hurting, doesn't mean we get out our wallet!! Its like giving a druggie money,soo he could get better,but never stop him and tell him to change his ways!! We can't through money at this one and hope it will go away,we need to change,no not the obama change!!, we need to change we do mortgages and credit, and unions, and how the government spends. I remember obama saying"We cant drill out of this problem"replying to "drill baby drill" chant, well we cant spend our way out of this problem,im referring to the big three!!! And that was my rant!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Im Racist?&illegals

No,i replied when asked if I'm racist, well to libs when the hear republican they hear racist,bigot,and Nazi all buzzing in their ear, Well lets put it plainly,No republican aren't racist!! Me especially no, im more immigrant than anything else!!! but Peruvian+Irish+Spanish+English=American that's what i am i dont see my self as only Irish or only Peruvian but a combination of them all which is American, lets get it strait i dont like illegal immigrants, i like legal immigrants!! The people who came through Ellis island or from Cuba those people are who America i founded off of!!! Yeah you heard me America is not white, black,Asian,Hispanic, or the weird alien looking guy,ohh yeah i mean Micheal Moore, we are all of these combined we work because all of these races work together in unity, its called America!

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
-Emma Lazarus These words is engraved on the Statue of liberty's pedestal, America is a place where you can become anything you want to be and its true, these aren't just bedtime stories your mom told you soo you dont have to worry I'm a son of a "American Dream" my mother is from Peru and she is now a M.D. making 50 a hour,i wish i did :(, she wasn't rich she could barley afford to go to school in Lima, but my grandparents paid for her to go to private school they couldn't afford this, my grandpa was only a preacher and grandma a nurse and it was a family four, but they did it any way, When she moved to the United States, my grandparents and only one other siblin of hers moved here, it paided off. My dad was abandoned at 15 in Berkley Cali soo he worked a lot he eventually made a large limousine business in Worcester MA, called Worcester Coach, which was very successful and we eventually sold and i have no idea how it is now,but it was good, i am the American dream fulfilled. Legal immigration good, one problem its too hard to get into the states right now we need to loosen our hold on legal immigration, and tighten on illegal immigration. Its literally cheap labor, and well its cheap!!! We have to stop it they must get in line like everybody else and stop taking American jobs!!! we need to build a wall and guard both borders!!! ,Did you know that the U.S, Canadian border is the largest unprotected international border?, yes we have big borders and we need to protect them, the 911 hijackers went across the Canadian border not Mexican! But we still have Mexican drug cartels poisoning our youth!!! We must stop this!!!! Not to mention all what they are an illegal immigrant, not undocumented worker or citizenless-citizen,whatever the hell that is!!, They are illegal end of story
"Thousands of Mexicans Illegally Cross the U.S. border Each Month"
-Los Angels Times headline, but when 1950!!! Yes this problem has been known for a very long time and nobody wants to do anything about it!! Yes some have done this and build part of a wall here, but not enough,well not enough to satisfy me!, we need to do more and make legal immigration easier and quicker!! And until next time that was a rant from the right!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who's Right and Who's Left

Well, i know that most of the time the right is right and the left is wrong but we may be right but we're not who's left!! We're not left in congress or the white house the only increase we see is in governors. We govern great!! But when we get to Washington, we say we will change Washington but it ends up changing us!!!! when we ruled congress we spent like libs!!! (that means out of control spending) we need to send republicans to congress,you know the thing in Washington that we lost almost all our seats in, that we can trust and we know wont get changed!! Lets move on, i notice that i have international visitors i will get on immigration in my next post.

Go Green?

Our pres elect, Barack Hussein Obama, has proposed many "green" ideas, like making alternative energy subsidies, cap on carbon,and not drilling. Well i like making new jobs for Americans but we cant reliy on alternative energy alone!!! we need to drill, but cause we are in a recession and oil prices are down,1.99 here for a gallon of gas, doesn't mean our children wont have to deal with a HUGE energy problem!!! A cap on carbon means:carbon-dioxide emissions must be 19-percent below the 2005 U.S. level by 2020, and 71 percent lower by 2050,The only way to meet these goals is to drive up energy costs — and federal revenues — significantly. This is essentially a massive new energy tax, calculated by the Congressional Budget Office to increase federal revenues by $1.2 trillion in the first 7 years. Soo well i hope you like taxes and well higher energy costs!! And what do we get well the world’s climate would be all of 0.07 degrees Celsius cooler!!! Wow. “Such a minuscule change in global temperatures,” the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Marlo Lewis notes, “would be too small to detect.” This is otherwise know as the Kyoto Treaty and all world’s industrial nations will have to comply this treaty! Sooo wat would happen? nearly 3 million blue-collar jobs would disappear. Incomes would fall, fuel prices would skyrocket, and carbon tariffs on goods imported from countries that do not meet the bill’s rigorous standards would add to the cost of imported clothes, consumer electronics, and automobiles. Soo as you see obama is not interested in "free-trade" I believe in nuclear but as you know from obama i guess this isnt "green" enough for him!!! As we are encouraged to drive hybrid cars,which most of are made in china, in the horrible conditions the probably produce more Co2 then an expedition in a hundred years!! If China keeps their current production rate by 2020 its equal to 5 billion expeditions being driven 15,000 miles a year!! Yeah lets all go buy a prius! On top of this 18 percent of co2 is from livestock!! If this is the case we should encourage McDonald's to keep it up. Now you're prob. thinking this guy doesn't believe in "Global Warming" ohh i do the temp of the earth has risen .74 degrees Celsius in the last 100 years! I know a lot! I guess Florida wont be under-water any time soon,damn would have gotten rid of a lot of old baby-boomers just kidding. Our culture,our media, and everything else is obsessed with "Global Warming" and compares people who dont believe in the warming to a Holocaust denier! Yeah, i believe in the Holocaust thank you!!! The truth is the truth has been exaggerated for profit and personal gain,*cough*Al Gore, and that's the truth!
"It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than believe a fact that one had never heard before."-Robert S. Lynd
And hes right many people who are scientist who can prove the "Warming" wrong or find flaws in it are shunned!! Like a bunch of Amish people,srry Amish, the "shun" who ever disagrees with them!! Doesn't sound very scientific to me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why bail out?

Why do we need to bail out a dying breed? Im proud that we make cars here in the USA, but they don't make cars that Americans like!!!! i don't blame everything on the "Big Three" but also on the big unions!!! The unions demand tooooo much!!! It cost way to much to run a car business in the USA because of unions!!! Why do you think Toyota and Honda and other foreign car brands are still kicking? because they dont have to deal with unions, just look at Toyota they only build plants mostly in the south were taxes are low and unions too, why? well because it helps a company flourish!!! Soo "big three" just file bankruptcy and renegotiate the union contract!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


"Men and women must feel free to speak their hearts and minds. We must build a society in which people can join in common cause without having to surrender their identities.
You can lead the way. Share your thoughts and your experiences and your hopes and your frustrations. Defend others’ rights to speak. And if harmony be our goal, let’s pursue harmony, not inquisition."
-George H.W. Bush
What is political correctness? Well the mainstream media decides it 4 us!!!! To me i dont think MSKGB should be deciding wat is write, to them certain colors are probably incorrect!! Well lets say "no" to MSLSD and all the other alphabet channels!! Stick up what you believe in!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I like CNS and townhall

well, some reps have been looking for a place for news without a huge liberal bias well tryout and good stuff just take a look at this:
its about obama's support for abortion, which is true he is very pro-choice!! well hit up those sites for less of the crazies bias!!

The Woes we hear

Im sick and tired of hearing the phrase:"Its bush's fault" or "its all bush's fault!!!!" im sick of it let me give it to u plainly: its not! How naive do u have to be to believe this well its what the mainstream media is preaching!!! They should shut up!!! And stop the pragmatic dogma!! Im sick of it he didnt cause the economic mess the dems and some stupid republicans did when they decided that everybody deserves a house!! Well, im srry poor people if u cant afford a house you dont get one!!! saving your money and working hard gets you a house not the government!! face it the government isnt charity!!! Thats what America is based off of hard work = money its not new stuff here, and money=stuff like a house save money work hard gets u somewhere, not being reliant on the government. As it is the government is tooooo big and now we got Obama who will make it even bigger. I see no change Obama!!! All i see is more of the same lets spend attitude!!!! we need to find leadership and soon!! i think the meeting in Florida will hopefully go good. Because we need somebody to keep the libs in check!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What makes us different?

liberals and conservatives, seem soo different but in a way sooo alike there are crazies on the left and the right,more on the left though. They both believe what they do will help America and help the world. Surprise surprise the both love their country,yeah i found out libs did!,very much. Its not only the republican military men that put their hand over their heart but also the blue collar man the environmentalist hippies and the radicals everywhere. In the Untied States loving our country should come first, and we should all help preserve the freedom we have and how we can pursue anything! Republicans arnt always right and Liberals arnt always wrong, what unifies us the most is that we are all Americans.God Bless the U.S.A.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tak'en the heat!!!

Recently time or Newsweek or both released an article about how hard it is being blue,democrat, well there right and wrong when your older like above 50 its harder to be dem. but when you r in your youth its social suicide being republican. i know this cause im young and a republican and i have facebook and wow i can tell u now if you r also young and rep. dont make friends online!!! they hate me i am the devil!! i saw a palin bash on a forum and i got pissed!! like really pissed calling her a "slut", "bitch",and "gun hugging redneck", all of which r very inappropriate and sexist, to me at least. i stuck up for her and wow that must have been the stupidest thing i could have done!! i got bombed with liberal chants and rants for me to leave then i noticed my posts were disappearing, i realized that the moderator was also liberal! i was called racist, even though im Hispanic, and republican, i guess its a sin to be a republican 2 now days!, i still posted and posed logical solutions to all their statements like: "she is soo inexperience" , this was before the election, soo i said well obama has less experience than her and she is the only one with executive experience!, soo they could not answer these logical answers rather than they continued to rants against me, then i thought of my blog "the rants from the right" and i thought at least my rants make sense. well being red in a blue Internet is hard these libs could not come up wit any logic which wasn't surprising, what was surprising was though their stubbornness! they believe anything obama says there just in it 4 the change! which will be change for the worse! Obama can recite great poetry but make no logic sense!

The not soo fair doctrine!

some people ask wat is the fairness doctrine? well the so called "fairness" doctrine is a way 4 the libs to silence talk radio! 1.How do they do it? well the will start by making all bias radio stations have music or the other side too soo for every hour of Republican air time there is and equal amount of liberal time.2.How is this bad? well its a disrupting the free market, y does the government have to stick there huge nose in everything? Soo technically its against the Constitution.3. How is this bad for the talk show radio companies? well the lauch of "Air America" was a complete failure bcause the libs did not present facts and the truth, not to mention frankly libs r boring!soo wat happened is they ran out of viewers and money. soo this similar affect will happen when the fairness doctrine goes in to law.4. How is this bad for the conservative cause? well think about it:the libs control the television media, they control Hollywood,they control Washington, they control most of the Internet, and wat does that leave us with? well talk radio which will then be silenced by obama and his buddies.Talk radio is sometimes called hateful or malicious by the libs in congress who have never even listened to it. "Talk radio is an outlet for American citizens of all classes, backgrounds, races, and political opinions to express their opinion and be heard, in a country with a government and media that are more and more trying to keep the voice of the people silent."- or addicted to talk radio facebook group. well we must not be silenced!! we must keep our cause going and going strong! soo dont stop listening to:Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, Dennis Prager, Michael Reagan,Mark Levin,Tom Sullivan,and John Gibson. soo help us preserve our freedoms!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have 2 fight to move on!

yes i said it the GOP is in trouble of being just that phase in American history books. we must live on i am pretty extreme 4 a rep. sooo we must move 2 the center appeal to the youth,ps im a youth!,and make the GOP the new hip. Being a youth and a Republican doesn't fit especially when u live in a state like mine,NH, soo we need 2 appeal to the Hispanics, the African Americans, the whites, our base, to everyone! I'm a Hispanic,white soo as u see i dont get a lot of credit from my cousins when they know in a republican! lets become hip i would like 2 ask the GOP to contact me if they think they want to hear my plans! i have a lot of good ones we need 2 bring back the mojoe that helped us win in 04,2000, and the Reagan years soo call your neighbour call your friends and tell them y u r a republican! i predict that this next 4 years will be tough soo we will have a chance in 4 years! soo get out and make us kewl 4 once!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dont give up hope, my fellow country men

Please dont give up hope!!! we have lost penn.,nh,ohio, and probally Virgina.:( yes if the dems and unreliable Republicans cant help mccain then we must all sufer the fate of obama and learn our lesson and it will be painful. the next 4 or 8 years will be some of our worst! obama will appoint liberal justices and with a majority in every part of the government they will have a field day!!! but on the bright side we will learn our lesson, that a man can lie, that wat a man says isnt always true, to look at experience, that fancy speeches may not mean its true! well "change" won and well its not the change the American people really want.well the "Yes we can" rallies and the Bush-bashing worked. and senator government, i mean obama, all i have 2 say 2 u please do not destroy our country please! it is our duty 2 support the president even though he or she may be a horrible president we can criticize them it is our right, but obama might ban me and other bloggers, and radio talk show hosts like me! he will treat them the same way he treated the news reporter who dared 2 ask hard questions! he will challenge our right to bear arms. our taxes will go up, for everyone, he'll say it cause the deficit is bad! well i can see another carter presidency on the horizon except this is more 2 the left that him. Our great and glorious country may have shifted from center right to center left or possibly all left, if this is so, then God help us. and may God Bless the U.S.A.
Picture of McCain rally in NH


like now!!! ok im serious ill stop post today now go vote, and vote right!!

ohh yeah this is a pic of a mccain rally in NH

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its up 2 u!

Well, i was at a mccain townhall meeting yesterday and well it was kewl and freezing!!! i live in NH soo people in Florida stop calling me a p*ssy! well both candidates say they will bring change and will improve our country. well who really will do the job well if obama wins it will be the biggest sell off of stocks i predict! can mccain well he has a steady hand on the country, compared 2 his liberal opponent!well the liberal ,which proved they were extremely confused when i was at the townhall meet they were dressed in costumes,i think they forgot Halloween ended!, and well being liberals there were half naked ladies, rainbow flag wavers, giant elephants, literally!, and more these guys think that they can convince someone in line for a mccain rally 2 days away from the election how to vote? well i guess they really r insane!!!