Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I don't think saying Merry Christmas is a religious sign or even politically incorrect, but many libs think so this Christmas has been an attack on religion and most specifically Christianity. Atheist wait until Christmas to unleash there attacks then say "No of course it has nothing to do with Christmas" well this is a plain lie. To say that it just coincidence that atheist do this at Christmas time is ludicrous! It does take Sherlock homes to figure this out! Our country based on Christian morals, everybody instead of respecting the holiday, which is Christmas, they try to prove that its a hoax a lie, why now? Why wait until now to air the specials about Jesus being fake? Well, if we changed the holiday to the middle of winter the atheist would probably air hate against Christianity then, its not coincidence its holiday! To say that there are no attacks, you would need to be an idiot, there are buses with offensive messages on them, Christmas lights being stolen, Jesus in a manger sense being robbed, and a sing saying that this season really belongs to the atheist. Well if the atheist want a holiday so bad then make one, i suggest April 1, they don't need to ruin the parade for everyone. One Third of the population on the planet Earth profess they are Christians or Jesus is their Lord, that's a lot of people so i suggest that atheist just get used to it. Well I'm going to enjoy my CHRISTMAS enjoy yours, Merry Christmas from the rants from the right.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Going once going twice, and SOLD to Jesse Jackson Jr.

It sad how corrupt our government is! I hate to say it but republicans almost much as democrats are corrupt it just lately it been most Democrats including the governor of New York and the governor of Illinois. Illinois will and unfortunately always be corrupt no matter who is in office republicans or libs, i find it a scary thought that Obama came out of this Chicago politics, and we are to believe he turned the other cheek during this time! I don't know how we elected a man who comes out of Illinois politics and has less than a year of experience in the senate, i don't know how much the people of America hate President Bush but I guess the libs this race have painted McCain as Bush and well left us to our downfall. I pray that in 2012 we realize our mistake and vote right! i hope that president-elect Obama did overcome the corruption,i doubt it, and i hope he will govern our country with care and throw out many of his many drastic plans that could lead to our countries demise. I am serious i want him to succeed, this isn't a game of monopoly this is our lives he's fiddling with! So his start so far ,he hasn't even become president yet, has been very bumpy as his "ghosts" come back to haunt him. The Illinois governor is an evil and very dispersively man, this man would probably accept a bride from a mob or even worse Micheal Jackson! I hope American politics will clean up, i especially think we should stop pork and lobbying, which as i see it is legal corruption! We have too many loopholes and unnecessary programs that are "pet projects" that are wasting Tax-payers money, i don't know how we can trust these people in Washington with our money! We shouldn't have any lobbyist they are what make our decisions not us it should not be that way! Well that was my rant from the right!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gay Marriage

I always read Newsweek, not cause i like it but because i need to hear both sides of the spectrum, and when i opened up and saw way too much of the other side! They always say they are not liberal but this weeks issue, and front page titled: "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage" was completely out of line. I know a lot of my viewers are not religious you dont need to be, it ok to have other religions too be Jewish, Muslim, or an alien it is really ok. But this mockery of the Bible i found in Newsweek was ugly and uncalled for! They took the Bible out of context and painted a picture of the Bible that simply is not there! I often get misquoted and called "the mean gay rights hating Bible man" well ill get it straight here I dont and wont ever support Gay Marriage, i want to preserve marriage as it is defined in the Bible between a man and a women, but i do support civil unity. Im not saying gays are not people, but this is nothing compared to the civil rights fight and any other fight! I believe everything in the Bible im a Christan, I believe Jesus Christ wasn't just some good Jewish guy it was the one died for our sins. When Newsweek stated:"A mature view of scriptural authority requires us, as we have in the past, to move beyond literalism. The Bible was written for a world so unlike pour own, its impossible to apply its rules, at face value, to ours." This is simply an idiotic statement, and i find it,and many other Christians, offencive. Or when Newsweek implied that Jonathan and David,close friends, were gay and that the might have had gay sex, which i not only find disgusting but its completely untrue and disrespects David a great Bible hero! Overall i think Newsweek needs to shut down, or cause they wont do that at least fire Lisa Miller! Lisa Miller i hope has written her last article. In all respect to free-speech i do believe its true but if Newsweek wants to show their unbias then fire her ass and show that Newsweek wont put up with this behavior! I am appalled at how the media can go on a murder spree on Christianity and not get any "checks" by the people! This country was and is based on Christian values, and even John Adams warned " Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." soo if atheists try to establish their realm in politics it is "un-American". But we also have separation of church and state, i believe we must maintain this but atheist have made hating God a religion and i believe they have the right to their opinion but not to voice their opinion though casting out religious people out of politics! We must stand strong in our religion whatever it might be. GOD bless America.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We need to learn to say NO. We didnt now we are going to pay for it! Now the auto companies are going to be running around with 15 billion dollars! Its like giving a teen-age girl 400 bucks in a mall!!!You know shes going to spend it in no time!! And once they're out of money again they will be back for more!! Has anybody ever wondered where the hell we are going to get the money? I think China practically owns us by now, from giving us soo many loans. Has anybody thought of the inflation after this from printing soo much money? We don't crap money soo wat are we going to do? We got party in to this because of poor management and tough CAFE standards! Its most of the time starts with too much government intervention!! How did the mortgage mess start? Well, even a lib will admit because of the government intervening in the free market! let capitalism work! Why cant we let companies fail anymore? What happened to America?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Never argue with a Canadain!

Canadian people i guess don't like it when you disrespect their country! This was news to me cause i always disrespected our Socialist neighbor to the north! This person i disrespected happen to wonder why Canada was in Afghanistan i said it was because they are part of NATO, which is true. We didn't hold a gun to their head they became our ally because they wanted to, they joined NATO cause they need us! Canada would not be around if it wasnt for their oil,and Jim Carey,soo if we stop using oil the Canadian economy would crash! Yes Canada relies on us the USA soo does most of the world they need us buying!! What would happen if we stopped buying from Wal-mart? or K-mart? China would be hurt we control the world economically we just dont realize it! We are America we must help other nations but also help our selves! We must prosper but not leave the other nations in the third world dust! I have been know to be no funding to other nations, im still with this execpt now funding only for allies! We need a good force of non hating-American allies like the UK, not like the French, dont get me started on the frenchy french!. Well im not going to get into fore in policy, soo that was a rant from the right!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


yeah, i thought i was done talking about auto bailout,yeah right i was lieing to myself, well they're back which really isnt a surprise. so yeah they didnt come in jets but rather drove in hybrids.ok i really don't care wat u drive or ride but GM sold 3 out of the eight corporate jets it has, soo it still looks like they like wasteful spending,hey! something the government and the auto companies have in common wasteful spending! so i believe that the "bailout",not a loan, will not go though but if it does i believe in preconditions at least,thats something Obama doesnt like preconditions!, but the government cant even run its self successfully soo how is it going to run the auto companies, i mean just look at wat happened when they tried to run the housing market, well if u dont know wat happened well u don't live in the right place get off denial island were in a RECESSION!!! This problem is getting bigger than Rosie O'donalds waistband and that's bad, also get bigger faster than that! We are in trouble we cant stop our spending with spending! so i leave congress with this: GROW UP!!! and get some common sense!