Wednesday, October 29, 2008

soo where do u live? ohh at that bench

well a Ohio judge said that homeless can say that when they register!!! yeah i would prefer mickey and he whole f*ck Disney channel than a bunch of persuaded homeless libs. u see this and u wonder where the hell the world went and with that common sense!!! soo wat have we learn 1 4 Halloween dress as squirrels as a promotion 2 stop ACORN they must be stopped from them doing the friggen voting fraud!!! i mean really people! when u've got mickey and the Dallas football team not 2 mention a dead goldfish a cat too registering u know u've got sumtin wrong!!!

Why liberals r liberals

during the 60s during the 20s and during the Nazi's reign we had violent radicals now we can add the 2000's 2 that this evil crime should be punished to the extent of the law! radicals of communism socialism Nazism and progressism are all the same they all think that violence will solve their problems!some might say how dare u compare obama 2 Nazis, well economically its safe 2 say hes a Nazi!!!! and its true.